Wanderlust: Dominican Republic 2017

I’m fresh off this year’s birthday trip to the Dominican Republic!! ¬†This marks my very first time visiting the Caribbean region. And I had wonderful time as I accomplished my top 3 trip goals:

  1. relax
  2. Relax
  3. RELAX

ūüôā After dragging Mister all over, up & down, all around¬†Paris last year, I promised him a more laid-back birthday trip this time. ¬†And I delivered! We enjoyed hours upon hours relaxing on the beach, rum tours, snorkeling, zip lining, & just exploring the area we stayed in, enjoying the sun. ¬†Some “enjoyed” the sun more than others *cough* sun burn *cough*, but I’ll not bring that up-LOL.

Top 5 highlights from the Dominican Republic:

Dominican Republic1. Beach Bum–¬†The best part of this trip was being a beach bum!! We spent hours every day doing nothing but sitting on the beach, enjoying the view & weather, listening¬†to the sounds of the ocean, and enjoying our beverages. ¬†We were only a 1.5 min walk to the beach from our lodging, which means we were only about a min walk to the Canoa Beach Bar. ¬†Yes, beach and a bar within a 2 min walk. ¬†The food was so good & fresh, we never had a bad meal. ¬†And the beverages…. I can’t say enough¬†about the taste & quality of the drinks and the service. ¬†They even offer beach service, so you lounge on the beach and really be a bum. ¬†You just can’t beat that. ¬†We visited every day. ūüôā The¬†staff (day &¬†night) knew us and greeted us (like an episode of Cheers) whenever we stopped by.

2. Snorkeling– I went snorkeling for the very first time! This was the #1 Snorkeling Dominican Republicexperience¬†I wanted to have¬†during this trip & I’m happy I was able to accomplish it as¬†a birthday gift! ¬†The Snorkeling cruise also included time in a natural pool. ¬†It was beautiful. Check out¬†my snorkeling recap here for video of the experience. ¬†Can’t wait to visit additional islands and do it again.


Pirate Rum Tour3. Pirate Factory Rum Tour– I¬†couldn’t go to the DR and NOT have rum! ¬†I’ve never been a rum fan, but I am now. ¬†When looking for a rum tour close to where we were staying, I discovered Pirate Factory Rum and knew instantly that I had to visit. ¬†Not only do they use 300 year old pirate recipes to craft their rums, but each bottle is a legit, hand painted work of art. ¬†We get to taste all 8 flavors of their rum, my favs were the coconut milk, chinola (passion fruit), and their Mamajuana. We also got a tour of the Taino cave on site. ¬†I had no idea the island is basically connected through a series of tunnels. ¬†Our guide was passionate and knowledgable about the history of the island, the impact of Columbus, and of course, rum! ¬†I highly recommend this tour.

4. Zip liningРThis was my 3rd time zip lining, but first time zip lining in the mountains! It was tiring, but Zip Line Dominican Republicbeautiful.  I took along my GoPro and got some great video of the experience.  A dedicated post on this adventure is coming soon!




Jellyfish Dominican Republic5. The Night Life– Punta Cana is gorgeous and full of fun, exciting things to do. ¬†Club Oro¬†comes highly recommended, both by locals and¬†the internet, as THE place to check out. ¬†So of course, we had to check it out for ourselves. ¬†We packed¬†our hottest “On the Town” outfits, determined to hit up a different hot spot each night. ¬†We were ready, I tell you! ¬†Then we promptly fell asleep each night without going anywhere but dream land. ūüėÄ ¬†I promise, this is the funniest memory for¬†me from this trip. We wore ourselves out, apparently, with chilling on the beach and beverages in between our excursions. ¬†Nothing felt better than taking a shower after a day in the sun and sand, then feeling the AC hit you. ¬†Man, we were out! ¬†So ironic that we were determined to not tire ourselves out like we did in Paris, that the time we spent relaxing on the beach sapped our energy just as well. ¬†We did manage to pull ourselves together to enjoy a wonderful dinner on the beach at Jellyfish, however.

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  1. Robin

    LOL at #5

    31 March, 2017
    • La-Tessa

      Robin, I swear! Every night! LOL . We had to make ourselves go out to fancy dinner the last night. ūüôā

      31 March, 2017

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