Zip Lining in Punta Cana | Dominican Republic

While in Punta Cana, it was hard to resist the call of the zip line.  Since this was my 3rd time tackling this activity, I really thought I was a pro.  I mean, was ready to get after it!

Until we were actually in the mountains… 🙂

We were up quite high.  And even then had to hike up higher to complete some of the lines. Needless to say, it was exciting, beautiful, and a rush!  The video is above so you can see the views for yourself & see just how much heckling I endured along the way from Mister (especially on lines #3 and #5 😀 ). <Or click here>  My favorite line was #6, it was probably the longest we tackled and had the best scenery along the way.

If you’re ever in Punta Cana and want to zip line, I highly recommend you give the guys at Canopy Adventures a call.  Wigy was our guide and he was THE BEST.  He is full of knowledge and love for the Dominican Republic. He even gave us a guided tour, of sorts, of the small towns we traveled through to and from the zip line site.  Oh, he also let us experience fresh cocoa beans straight from the pod. They taste the exact opposite of what you’d expect. The fresh cocoa beans (nibs) are white and coated in a gelatinous film that tastes like a slightly tart combo of mango, papaya, and guava.  Very good.  But DON’T bit down on the nib, things will get unpleasant if you do…trust me. 🙂

I posted a few pics below of us zipping our way through the mountains and jungle.  And special shout out to Elliott Sayles for the Mane t-shirts we rocked on this excursion.  Even in the DR, I was repping the hometown. Check him out over at


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