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Spirits & Libations

Home Bar Basics: How to Make Sweet & Sour Mix

I’m tackling Sweet & Sour mix for the next entry in the Home Bar Basic series. For those that don’t know, sweet & sour mix is a blend of lemon and lime juices + simple syrup. It’s used in many cocktails, most notably margaritas and whiskey sours. Sour mix is readily available pre-mixed in many grocery […]

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Home Bar Basics: How to Make Simple Syrup

Cocktail season is my favorite time of year. What is cocktail season you ask? You know the time of year when the cold weather finally ships out, leaving us with pleasantly warm winds, bright sunshine, patios, & late sunsets? This, my friends, is cocktail season! The first order of business when prepping for this auspicious occasion is to set […]

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Cocktail of the Month: Mint Julep

This past Saturday the Kentucky Derby had its 143rd running at Churchhill Downs. The Derby, also known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, lived up to the hype as there was no clear cut favorite this year, AND the field of 20 horses would have to storm around a super muddy track—facts that led to […]

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Cinco de Mayo 2017- Drink Ideas | Recipe

What is Cinco de Mayo? In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Here stateside, we mostly celebrate Mexican-American culture on this day. Being that as it may, when most of us think of Cinco de Mayo, the first beverage that pops into mind is margaritas. While I like margaritas as […]

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Beverages of the Dominican Republic

While prepping for my trip, I searched for THE quintessential Dominican Republic beverages I must try while on the island.  I came across this article listing the top 5 drinks you must try while in the DR and immediately thought to myself: Game on! How The List Rated 1. Presidente Beer ⭐️⭐️⭐️  As far as beers go, the Presidente […]

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Cocktail of the Month: Gimlet

March is the month of my birth, which means all things good, glorious, and graceful! In celebration, I’m featuring my favorite cocktail: the one and only Gimlet. The Gimlet is said to date back to 1928, and is either named after a tool for drilling small holes (due to it’s “piercing affects ” on the drinker)-or- possibly after […]

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Fresh Take: Drambuie

  Drambuie is a honey gold colored liqueur that hails from Scotland.  It’s made from Scottish whisky, heather honey, and a special blend of herbs and spices.  According to the maker, it was originally made for Bonnie Prince Charlie as a health tonic, which he imbibed daily to keep his strength and vitality up. My […]

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